Tucson Solar Power

Tucson Solar Power

Are you thinking about solar power to power your Tucson home or business? There are some very good reasons why you should be thinking solar. Homes and businesses across the state of Arizona are taking advantage of the tax credits, incentives, and of course, energy savings from solar power systems.

There has never been a better time to go solar, in fact, now is the perfect time. Arizona Legislature has recently passed legislation that effectively protects the personal rights of Arizona homeowners to purchase and use solar power systems to power their homes, even in cases where their HOA attempts to place restrictions on their usage.

The great state of Arizona has recently not only sided with homeowners who were fighting for their rights to use solar power, but Legislature went above and beyond their civic duty to pass additional laws that further protect residents so that they will not have to waste valuable time in court, fighting over and over for the same rights. If your HOA attempts to restrict your ability to install and use your solar power system, direct them to Arizona's law ARS-33-439, with its revisions.

Going solar is the most effective way to convert the sunlight at your place of residence or business into solar energy that can power your Tucson home or business. There are a couple of different ways that this can be accomplished, depending on the size of system you are interested in purchasing. A modest system can effectively supplement your energy and reduce your monthly energy bill, while a larger system can eliminate your dependence on the power company altogether, and even provide you with energy credits if you product an excess.

A solar power system, or photovoltaic system consists of the following components:

- Solar Panels - the essential component that changes light into electricity

- Inverters - the component that transforms DC into AC. an introduction to inverters

- Stand Alone Inverters - for off grid situations

- Charge Controllers - controls the energy flow and protects your battery

- Solar Batteries - "tolerant" batteries that survive frequent charging and discharging

- Battery Maintenance Grid tie Inverters (aka "Synchronous Inverters")

an inverter that allows excess power to flow back into the grid.

- Solar panel mounts - the hardware that holds your panel in optimum basking position

- Solar panel tracking - adjusting your panels for optimum sun exposure

For a comprehensive glossary of solar terms and their meanings, visit abcosolar.com, where you'll find one of the best resources available for understanding the components of a solar power system.

ABCO Solar knows their customers are interested in saving money; after all, everyone is. Find out what solar power can do for your Tucson home or place of business by contacting an expert from ABCO solar at 800-292-2280. Their specialists will be glad to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the ideal power system to meet your needs.

If you've ever thought about going solar, this is the time. With financing options available, you could be paying less per month than you are now paying for electricity!

Tucson Solar Power