LED Solar Lights

ABCO Commercial Lighting, a new division of ABCO Solar,  is pleased to offer a wide variety of LED Solar Light fixtures that have both commercial and residential applications. These lights utilize cutting edge LED & Solar technology and are designed for the extreme environmental conditions of Arizona.

All our LED Solar Lights have a self contained battery that is not tied to the power grid. This means these LED solar lights will provide independence from your utility because the sun will charge the battery which then in turn provide an ample supply of power to keep your solar lights illuminated. Therefor your net operating costs for your LED Solar Street Lights will always be zero.

We are licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (#258378) and have a experienced crew that can install your order of LED Solar Street Lights. Please contact our sales team for a  free estimate.

Benefits of LED Lighting
Savings: Up to 88% energy savings over standard bulbs.
Low Maintenance: Nearly no Lamp replacement costs.
Life Span: Averages 5 times longer than standard lights; 50,000 hours or more.
Repairable: LED lights are 100% repairable. All components can be removed and replaced.
Safety: LED Lights do not break easily and when they do the fragments are benign (no mercury or gas) unlike the fluorescent tubes that shatter with mercury coated glass.
Heat: Less heat generated, no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, decreases air conditioning cost.

Available LED Solar Lights:
LED Solar Street Lights
LED Solar Landscape Lights
LED Solar Courtyard Lights
LED Solar Security Lights