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We won the “Most Innovative Product” award from SAHBA Home Show 2017

ABCO Solar Inc. of Tucson, Arizona won “The Most Innovative Product” award at the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association home show in mid October.

ABCO Solar (ABCO) was selected from 12 applicants as presenting “The Most Innovative Product” award for their presentation of the Perfectly Green Corporation’s SMART FROG 23 SEER Solar Air Conditioning unit.

The Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) biannual home show features businesses involved in all aspects of home building, design and accessories and attended by 20,000 community members. The home show judges were all home building industry participants and “The Most Innovative Product” award is the most prestigious of the awards presented.

Designed For Reliable On or Off Grid (FROG) applications, the Smart Frog A/C operates on 4 kilowatts of Direct Current electricity generated by solar panels. The 3 or 5 ton units can be operated using grid power, solar power or power from an integrated 7 kilowatt propane or natural gas generator. The electricity sources can be combined for power mixing which can be useful for peak time of use period “peak shaving”, powering the air conditioner in times of grid failure as well as household power needs in the absence of grid power.

The integrated solar inverter and gas generator may be purchased separately as component parts if desired. The Smart Frog may use solar that is already in place on the residence. Commercial grade solar Air Conditioners will be available soon.