About Us

About Us

ABCO Solar is a leader in Photovoltaic, Commercial LED Lighting and LED solar lights.

We are full-service, licensed electrical contractors (ROC# 258378) helping you with every stage of your solar panel installation; from determining the size, financing options, and tax incentives, we are your solar partner. Our employees have years of experience and knowledge in the renewable energy industry. We are located in Tucson, Arizona and we serve southern Arizona and the Phoenix area.

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Phone: 520-777-0511 or  800-292-2280

“Going solar is a no-brainer, however finding the right company is a challenge. After interviewing 6 solar companies, we chose Abco Solar because their program made the most sense financially, the panels were the most efficient and the cost per KWh of production was the least. Money in my pocket, simple as that.”

-Chris Kulpinski