Solar Maintenance & Other Services


Keeping your solar system at peak efficiency ensures the maximum return on your investment and can help prevent expensive emergency repairs.

ABCO is committed to providing solar maintenance and remove/reinstall (R&R) services for our clients and partners. ABCO does not need to be the original installer of the system for you to use our services. We are your local solar experts and have been in business in Tucson since 2008.

Maintenance could include:

  • Tighten all electrical connections to prevent current loss
  • Clean Solar Panels to prevent electric production loss.
  • Check all mechanical connections to prevent wind or weather damage.
  • Upgrade monitoring systems to improve array communication
  • Roof inspection to prevent leakage and damage

To discuss your residential or commercial solar system maintenance please call to schedule an appointment with our service team. ABCO Solar is committed to providing solar energy services to our customers.

For all your energy saving solar needs contact us at 520-777-0511 for your free estimate.