Solar Tucson

Solar Tucson

ABCO Solar in Tucson is interested in helping you get set up for solar power. As more and more people are looking at alternative methods of power in their homes and businesses, ABCO Solar is able to meet them where they live. ABCO Solar offers options to Arizona residents and business owners that can save them a significant amount of money while helping the environment at the same time.

ABCO Solar as a leader in and LED solar lights, being a full service licensed electrical contractor that can help you with every stage of your solar panel installation. ABCO Solar knows that finding the right solar company can be a challenge. Their employees have years of experience and knowledge in the renewable energy industry. With the main headquarters located in Tucson Arizona, ABCO Solar serves all of Southern Arizona and the greater Phoenix area.

Customers contact ABCO Solar in Tucson with questions about solar energy. They want to know exactly what solar can do for them. Solar power technology converts solar light into electricity making it a much less expensive and more efficient option. Today's residential solar system can generate sample electricity to provide your home or business with all of your energy needs. The advantages of using solar energy are numerous and using an ABCO Solar panel system we'll save you money and time.

Some of the benefits included with going solar include:

- a substantial utility rebate

- a federal tax credit equal to 30% of your purchase price

- an Arizona state tax credit equal to 25% up to $1000

- fixed energy costs in comparison with rising power costs

- lower operating costs and Low maintenance

- Long life of your solar system, averaging 25 to 40 years

- an increased property value with no increase in property taxes

- and an average of 5 to 6 year payback

Today's Solar can meet the needs of businesses very well. The significantly lowered costs and new technologies that solar has brought have an increased efficiency so that solar power systems have become a smart investment for any business paying dividends down the line and improving the bottom line. A solar system is able to generate all the electricity your Tucson business needs.

Best Solar Tucson Services

When you purchase an ABCO Solar system for your business in Tucson it will include a personalized system design, all equipment and connectivity, drawings and permits with all local jurisdictions, professional installation, System testing, as well has any necessary local government and utility company inspections.

While half of our country's electricity is still being produced by burning coal, more and more homeowners and business owners are becoming aware of the affordability a solar electricity. ABCO solar would be glad to answer any questions you may have with regard to solar electricity for your Tucson home or business.

Please visit online at or place a call to ABSO Solar at 800-292-2280 to speak with the solar specialist who can answer your questions or schedule a meeting with you and the convenience of your home. ABCO Solar this committed to helping you find the right Solar energy systems to meet your needs.

Solar Tucson