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Four Reasons You Should Go Solar

Solar is on the rise with more solar being installed in the U.S. today than then it has over the last 30 years! Here are 4 good reasons why you should seriously consider solar for your home or business.

Reason #1 It Saves Money

This one is a no brainer. Everyone wants to save money…Especially when it comes to bills. Installing solar panels on your rooftop can cut your energy bill down to anywhere from 25-100 percent depending on the size of the system you choose. Some solar systems have even produced so much excess energy that homeowners are able to sell it back to their utility company and earn a credit. Now I know what you are thinking…This all sounds great but I don’t have the upfront cash to purchase a system. Yes the upfront price of solar systems can look kind of scary but there are financing options available that can cost you less a month than you were paying for your energy bill in the first place, so why not? This also brings me to reason #2 which is the tax incentives available to solar purchasers…..

Reason #2 Tax Credits

Depending on your location there are tax incentives and credits to help out those who would like to purchase a system. First is a federal tax credit that credits a third of the cost for a solar system. One third!!! So say your solar installation costs  $20,000.00. The federal government will pay for 6,000.00 of that leaving you with $14,000 net. But wait there’s more. On top of the federal credit, the state of Arizona will also give you up to $1000.00 credit for your solar installation. That brings your net down to $13,000. Now some systems will cost more and some may cost less but the credit stays the same. 1/3 federal credit and up to $1000.00 state credit. Not bad right?

Reason #3 Environment

Ok I’m sure anyone who reads this has already guessed by now that the environment was going to be on the list as a top reason why you should get a solar system. It’s true that getting a solar system installed reduces your carbon footprint and therefore has positive effects on the environment.  For example an 8 KW solar system is estimated to save over a lifetime 824,096.39 lbs in emissions and 20,602.41 gallons of water. This is the equivalent of planting 915 trees. From this day forward I hope you think of a polar bear every time you see a solar system since they reduce emissions into the atmosphere therefore reducing the effects of global warming, which then helps to keep the ice caps from melting, which is the polar bears habitat. Therefore getting a solar system saves polar bears and who doesn’t like polar bears. =)


Reason #5 It’s the New Trend

More and more I’m starting to hear that people are getting solar because it’s “the in” thing to do or their neighbor or family member has one so they want one.  Going green is rising trend and for good reason. With all the environmental concerns afoot for once a trend is for the better good. So if you don’t need to save money and don’t care about tax credits or sweet little polar bears, you can still get a system installed simply to be the coolest house on your block. I’m ok with that.