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Talking to an HVAC contractor in Jacksonville, FL can help you identify those habits within your home that you can change for a healthier environment. Some of the problems with the indoor air quality in our homes and businesses are highly preventable just by making small changes in the daily routine.

Every day we walk into homes and see warning signs that the home may be what’s causing the people living there to be sick. If you have problems with respiratory illnesses in your home such as people with asthma or frequent colds, here are some things you can do to make sure the people in your family stay a little healthier all year round.

Please Remove Your Shoes

You’ve seen the signs posted politely on front doorsteps and inside foyers of homes, and perhaps you didn’t think much of it. The fact is that wearing shoes in the house is one of the most common causes of indoor air pollution.

Wearing shoes around the house is just like inviting outdoor pollutants such as dirt, germs, and worse indoors. With every step you take with shoes on in the house, you’re kicking up these grimy particles and bacteria into the air.

Improve the Ventilation in Bathrooms

Every time you flush waste down the toilet, microscopic bacteria are being shot back out into the air. When you take a steamy hot shower or bath and let the steam envelop you as you relax, you may be introducing toxic mold spores into your home.

The best way to combat both serious issues is to have a ventilation system in your bathroom. Lighting a match or using chemical air fresheners may work to eliminate the gas that causes the smell, or mask the stench, but won’t do anything to get rid of the germs and bacteria. A ventilation system needs to be more than just an open window. You need a vent system to pull the moisture out of the air.

Use Nontoxic Household Cleaners

You may keep your house spotlessly clean and germ free by using household cleaners you picked up at the corner store. Your house may smell lemony fresh and the surfaces may be sparkly clean, but at what cost? The household cleaners you’re using around your home may make surfaces so clean you can eat off them, but releasing chemicals into the air of your home has its own problems.

There are many different brands that you can purchase at the stores you’ve been shopping at that don’t contain noxious or toxic chemicals that can harm your family. They may have a higher price tag but ultimately, the health and safety of your family may be well worth a few extra dollars to you.

If you’re frequently getting sick, or if there are people in your home who can’t seem to keep their allergies from bugging them, the problem may be your HVAC equipment. Call a qualified HVAC contractor in Jacksonville, FL like Ideal Conditions to get the best care for your HVAC equipment or if you’re concerned about your equipment seeping pollutants into the air of your home.



Hvac Contractor Jacksonville Fl