If you want to turn your Halloween pumpkin carving into something truly special, try using Funkins this year. If you’ve never heard of Funkins, you’re missing out on one of the most amazing new products on the market. Funkins are artificial foam pumpkins that function every bit like a real pumpkin, but offer so many advantages to using them.


Funkins are made out of patented low-density polyurethane, and are painted to look just like a real pumpkin. They’re completely hollow so that you don’t have to spend all of your pumpkin carving time digging out the gooey mess inside. Funkins’ walls are about a half inch thick and ready to be carved out. Just bring your best pumpkin carving knife and go to work. You can take your time carving Funkins, unlike real pumpkins that slime your arm up to your elbows with every new cut and stab.


Funkins can be used indoors for a great look in any room, or outside, where they are resistant to the elements, including rain, sleep, baking sun and snow. The only consideration for Funkins is that a strong wind might knock them over, so be sure to weigh your Funkins down with a heavy object inside of them.


While you should never use real flame candles or other open fire lighting inside of Funkins, there are many options available. Mr. Light offers a nice selection of LED votive candles that work well inside of Funkins to create that spooky Halloween look. Their pumpkin color flickering LED candle votives are a great deal at $9.99 and priced far less than other online suppliers.


Battery wax candles are another ideal choice for Funkins. Mr. Light is currently one of the largest distributers of battery wax candles and related products. If you’re looking for a flameless candle for Funkins, the battery wax candle is the perfect choice and comes in a huge array of colors and styles.


Funkins are one of the most popular new products out for Halloween. You’ll get a lot for your money when you purchase Funkins because they can be used year after year for your decorating. Your kids will love unpacking your Funkins after being in storage all year and seeing the carved faces they made the previous year. Funkins can be modified from one year to the next, and you can easily add one or more Funkins to your collection each year so the Funkin carving fun will never have to stop.


Make this Halloween your best one yet. Let your kids enjoy carving out Funkins without destroying your dining room table, and dragging the gooey mess onto your floors. Funkins are the perfect arts and crafts project for your kids this Halloween.


To learn more about Funkins and what they can add to your Halloween celebration, visit You’ll also find an unmatched inventory of lights and lighting options for your home, yard and office from Mr. Light. Be sure to pick up a Funkin for each of your children, and don’t forget to get one for yourself!