electrical technician Grande Prairie

electrical technician Grande Prairie

Working with the electricity of your home or business can be quite risky, which is why you would want professional help from an electrical technician in Grande Prairie. These technicians are certified, well-educated and are capable of a diverse range of jobs.

They are trained to maintain, repair or set up new electrical systems for buildings. They also work with electrical engineers and other professionals to help set up specialized and sensitive equipment.

How Are They Educated?

A typical electrical technician will have at least a two-year degree in electrical engineering or a similar dedication. There are a wide variety of schools that offer this sort of training around the country, making these technicians in plentiful supply.

These technicians will know how to set up electrical grids and will be trained to troubleshoot them. They will also know how to read electrical blueprints and how to look for design flaws.

Some companies in specialized fields may also require their electrical technicians to have specific training or education. For example, an oil company may desire their technicians to have experience in working in the petroleum or petrochemical industry. Other companies may also desire experience with HVAC or electrical generators.

Are Electrical Technicians the Same As Electricians?

Electricians often are more hands-on and may learn through apprenticeships. There are similarities in knowledge but an electrical technician will often know specifics of electrical grids or systems.

You may often see electrical technicians in industrial manufacturing sites or large offices where the electrical systems are critical. They will usually follow design blueprints in solving problems and will work closely with the company’s electrical engineer.

Electricians will usually handle the installation and repair of new electrical wiring. They may also have to do serious grunt work like crawling through tight spaces and carrying their equipment. It is not uncommon for electrical technicians to also become electricians, or vice versa if the educational background is right.

Is There a Demand For Electrical Technicians?

An electrical technician will usually be needed in specific applications, especially if they have knowledge of specific equipment. With automation catching up with design plans, some newer electrical systems have less reliance on electrical technicians.

You may see job openings in large-scale manufacturing plants, oil rigs or even NGO projects. If you have an in-house electrical engineer, they will know for sure when an electrical technician will be needed.

A Typical Job Description

The job role of an electrical technician will usually perform maintenance on electrical equipment in a safe and controlled manner. Preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance are often specialized by these technicians.
The most important aspect would be to have high safety awareness. They will be working on equipment that may be failing and highly volatile when adjusting. Their problem-solving skills must be sharp and quick as faulty electrical equipment is dangerous to other employees.

Don’t settle for anyone other than a fully certified electrical technician in Grande Prairie. If your business or home is in need of difficult electrical work, consult with us at 780.296.5274.

electrical technician Grande Prairie