LED Solar Landscape Light



ABCO Commercial Lighting, a new division of ABCO Solar,  would like to introduce our All-in-One LED Solar Landscape Light. With up to 3 nights of lighting time (after being fully charged) this LED Solar Landscape Light will help you save on your electricity bill.

The all aluminum case with durable streamline design are engineered to withstand our extreme environmental conditions of Arizona. This multi-functional LED Solar Landscape Light has a wide  range of applications including but not limited to signage, gardens, walls, bridges, buildings and fences.

ABCO-08 LED Solar Landscape Light 2

Our LED Solar Landscape Light has a self contained battery that is not tied to the power grid. This means this solar light will provide independence from your utility because the sun will charge the battery which then in turn provide an ample supply of power to keep your solar light illuminated. Therefor your net operating costs for your LED Solar Landscape Light will always be zero.

We are licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (#258378) and have an experienced crew that can install your order of LED Solar Landscape Lights. Please contact our sales team for a  free estimate.
ABCO-08 LED Solar Landscape Light 1


  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • All-Aluminum case with durable streamline design
  • Multi-functional with a wide range of applications
  • Adjustable Angle to change the lighting and decorating area

Download ABCO-08 LED Solar Landscape Light Spec Sheet