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Exciting News For Our Shareholders

ABCO Energy, Inc (OTC PINK: ABCE) – A prosperous communication plan has rewarded ABCO Energy, Inc. with five days in a row of closing trading prices above $0.01. Due to the upspring in price, the Company filed an application for OTCQB on Monday, February 11, 2019. When it is approved, ABCO Energy, Inc. will be trading on the quality board on OTC Markets.

The latest in corporate actions has helped the company to lift off from trading on PINK Sheets and driving hard to move up to the “Over the Counter Quality Board” (OTCQB). This level of trading will make shares more visible to a larger audience of brokers and traders that do not trade on the PINK market.

ABCO Energy has not traded on the OTCQB for over three years as it has struggled to stabilize its stock price and fund its growth. Now staging the Company for growth internally and through acquisitions, shareholders will be confident the share price will reflect the latest in transparent communication.

ABCO Solar Blog

ABCO Solar Announces a Million Dollar Contract

ABCO Solar, Inc. August 14, 2018, Tucson, Arizona, announced that they have signed a $950,000 commercial solar project and anticipate an additional $35,000 commercial lighting contract on the same facility with ABCO crews providing all construction. The project is on a 72-unit apartment complex and will consist of both roof top and car park shade structures. The owners will enjoy approximately $80,946 from the solar electric generation plant and $15,981 first year savings from the LED lighting project, for a total first year savings of approximately $96,927. In addition, the federal and state tax credits totaling $310,000 will further increase the owner’s return on investment. Over a period of 25 years, this project is expected to provide cost reduction for the customer in excess of $3,445,000.

Roof Top & Parking Shade LayoutThis is the rooftop and parking shade layout of the Arizona Solar Project sold by ABCO.

ABCO Solar is in the Photo Voltaic (PV) solar systems industry, the LED and energy efficient lighting business, is a dealer for a solar powered air conditioning system. The Company plans to build out a network of operations in major cities in the USA to establish a national base of service operations centers. This combination of services, solar PV, solar HVAC systems and LED lighting provides the Company with a solid base in the growth markets of renewable energy applications. On July 1, 2018, we operated in Tucson, Arizona and provided installation and services to other cities from our Tucson offices. The Company plan is to expand to more locations in North America in the next year as funding becomes available.

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